Use Himalayan Salt for Better Health

Beneficial Properties


With it’s rich mineral content, Himalayan Pink Salt contains over 84 minerals and

trace elements that also naturally occur in the ocean as well as in ourbodies.

It can balance the body’s PH levels, increase circulation, eliminate toxins and

balance electrolytes, and can also aid in relief of pain from Arthritis, symptoms of

Psoriasis, skin irritations and many other common ailments.

However, it should be noted that it is still salt; high consumption of any type of

salt will result in numerous negative health effects. As with all things in life one

should always adhere to this advice: All Things In Moderation!


Respiratory Uses


Clinical studies have now shown that breathing Himalayan Salt air can help to stimulate the respiratory system’s natural ability to reduce inflammation, clear blockages, fight infection and reduce discomfort. Breathing salt air, whether it be the salty sea air experienced near coastal areas, obtained by entering a Therapeutic Salt Cave or produced by Salt Air Inhalers or salt lamps, is reputed to benefit the respiratory system and aid in reducing symptoms of Allergies and Asthma. The New England Journal of Medicine has stated that various forms of salt therapy treatment are effective as an additional therapy for cystic fibrosis patients.


Salt caves are constructed from several tons of Himalayan Salt blocks which are usually heated by lighting placed within the walls. The heating of the salt causes the air in the cave to be infused with a dry aerosol of tiny pharmaceutical grade salt particles. Salt Cave treatment is widely used in Eastern Europe and Russia and has been a well known natural therapy for nearly 200 years. In these parts of the world, people with chronic breathing disorders often spend two to three hours per day in salt cave grottos.

For those who are unable to visit a salt cave, these same Himalayan Salt crystals have been fashioned into lamps and candle holders for use by individuals in their homes, allowing you to experience similar effects of visiting a salt therapy cave right in the comfort of your own home!  



Bath & Beauty Uses


Sea Salts have been well known for centuries to relax sore, tired muscles and smooth and soften skin, while relaxing the mind and body. The History of Salt/Mineral Baths used for Health Benefits is extensive.

The benefits of a Himalayan Salt Stone Message include deep relaxation and improved sleep quality, helping to relax the body as it gently draws toxins from the skin and  soothes tense, sore muscles. More Information about Salt Stone Message please clik here

Hydrotherapy or Hydro-thermal Therapy is a traditional method of healing, used for centuries by many ancient cultures in the treatment of disease and injury. Therapeutic baths were considered a standard healthy treatment for the body & it’s common ailments in ancient Rome, China, and Japan. Ancient Greeks took therapeutic baths on a regular basis or whenever possible. Therapeutic baths, using natural salts or geothermal mineral water are also documented in America, where Native Americans strongly revered certain areas with geothermal activity, such as the Yampah Vapor Caves & Mineral Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, as a wonderful healing source.

During a Himalayan Salt Bath, or “Sole Bath”, toxins stored in the body are released into the bath water through osmosis, while the minerals contained in the salt are absorbed through the skin, reducing the acidity in the body and balancing the pH factor of the skin. This process leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated and may also help reduce Acne and other common ailments of the skin, such as Psoriasis. 

The addition of organic, natural herbs such as spearmint, Lavender, Peach Herbal Tea, etc., enhances the salt bath with the herb’s own unique healing or relaxing qualities as well as a fragrant herbal scent.


Culinary Uses


Sea Salts are well known for their subtle salt flavor and rich mineral content; where Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is known for these qualities as well, it is also known to be a purer form of salt, possibly the purest sea salt on earth, as it has not been exposed to environmental toxins.

Himalayan Culinary Salts include Salt Trays, Blocks and Grills, upon which food may be cooked, as well as the traditional ground salt form. This spectacular salt is also fashioned into plates, bowls, glasses and even Sushi Blocks, which gives the added benefit of enhancing food presentation as well as flavor. Lack of moisture allows Himalayan Salt to be safely chilled or heated to extremes for these culinary uses; yet another reason for the fast growing popularity of Himalayan Salt in the culinary world.


The salt is continuously examined in Germany as a foodstuff by Bioanalytik Hamburg GBA, with ISO9001 and HACCP certificates.


Who Can Benefit From Himalayan Salt?


The truth is, anyone can benefit from the use of Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is a natural way for people of all ages to have less symptoms from allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, and any other sort of breathing problem. People that suffer from constant nasal allergies have found tremendous relief through the use of these lamps. When salt lamp placed near your bed, they can even make it easier to sleep, since you won't find yourself being awoken throughout the night from coughing and stuffiness. All of these things and it is an all-natural product. There is never any concern about side effects or taking too much medication. Even people that lead very stressful lives have felt calmed though the use Himalayan salt lamps. People say they have an easier time concentrating, and they can center themselves in a new way after using their lamps. People that have breathing issues and sinus problems can often reduce the amount of medication they need to take for their symptoms when they use a Himalayan salt lamp on a regular basis. Anyone that wants to feel better and have less breathing and sinus problems can do so with the use of these salt lamps. They make the air fresher, easier to breathe, with less dust, allergens, and dirty electricity. They are nature's way of helping us to have healthier, happier lives.